Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Doors are... Open!

Spring has (almost) sprung,
The grass has (almost) riz,
I wonder where....
          Cathie's blog is!

Well, for heaven's sake... here it is and the doors are once again open!  Listen... I'm probably just as surprised as you are!

After closing the doors almost seven months ago I continued using the Rooms of Pure Grace from time to time, as a place that I could enjoy the ease of popping in whenever I had something to contribute, and that is how I will continue to use these Rooms.

Little snippets, here and there of days, do not by any means, a life make - and so what you find here will never be the sum total of who I am - however, what I hope you do find here is blessing and encouragement, whenever you decide to drop in for a visit.

I look forward to the days that lie ahead, and in sharing with you, from time to time, those things that have found meaning to me in my life.

Don't forget to say hello whenever you do drop by, I always enjoy your company!     


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