Sunday, October 25, 2009

And The Winner Is...

At the beginning of the Pure Grace Sweeter Than Chocolate On-Line Study, I had made a Beaded Bookmark to be given as an End of Study Giveaway.

Congratulations Jan! If anyone grew in leaps and bounds during these past 6 weeks, surely you must be counted among their number!

I believe that it was in Week Three that you said in the Comment Cafe... "Hi Cathie,
I am still here! I too have been struggling a bit with the length of Lesson 3. I almost did not attend our group session on Thursday because I felt I was just going around and around not getting anywhere..."

Just 4 short days later, you wrote, "... I also am finding that the studying is going better this week and I am even getting into the Digging Deeper sidebars. I have also been reading 1 Samuel and now am starting 2 Samuel. I have been in Genesis and Joshua and plan on reading Jeremiah 18 as well. I am finding that, for me, the Psalm is getting clearer and easier to understand. Vs. 96 was causing me a bit of difficulty understanding what the psalmter was trying to say but then reading all the translations of that verse clarified my thinking. I have really enjoyed this week...."

And 11 days after that, you wrote, "Hi to all my sisters in Christ,
I have had another burst of understanding this week. I am sure I should have 'gotten" this before but I am one of the simple that the psalmist speaks about in vs 130. Cathie, I remember how you spoke about using God's word to explain God's word and I never quite understood but this week with the help of my sisters I began to do much more cross-referencing than I had done before and I really began to see how God's word builds on God's word. I felt as if a lightbulb had flicked light on over my head just like you see in the comics. I began to see how checking 1 cross-reference led to another and I could feel my understanding of what was being said greatly increase. Like I have said many times, it seems to take me a wee bit longer to catch on but eventually I do. I am blessed by that verse, knowing that God will have patience with me and will give me understanding, even if it takes a while...."

And just 3 days after that, you were the first one to fly through the door of the Comment Cafe, coming prepared with the research you had done on the Trinity and presenting it to your sisters! You said, "I am so excited this morning. I was working on my study late last night when I got to the question aboout the Hebrew word for salvation which the psalmist hoped and longed for. YESHUA!!! Meaning help, deliverance. saving... I am going to do more looking as I know you have said we should be careful about commentators but I was beside myself last night to see how everything in the Bible fits together to point to our Lord Jesus as the Messiah.
More later.

It was the "more later" that just sent me into giggles and my joy over the top! Jan, it is with great love that I pass along to you this little Bookmark. May it be a reminder to you of the precious time that you spent, close to The Word, Yeshua!, in Psalm 119. You have been an inspiration and an encouragement to all of us, and we just plain love you, o-o-odles!


Monday, October 19, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Seven Frog'ettes' Out For Lunch!

I had the sheer pleasure this morning of spending time in Bible Study with Edna, Margaret, Cat, Wendy, Jan, Debbie and Joan. It was so good to be together again in person, to share what we had been learning through our study of Psalm 119, to ask questions and dig deeper into God's Word.

Then it was out to lunch at the Frogstone Grill! Chatter, chatter, chatter and lots of laughter... like I said it was a sheer pleasure. I will be posting more in the On-Line Bible Study Room, but until then, here are a few pictures for you to look through... enjoy!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Musings.... Please Do Not Disturb!

My 'Little Room' was actually my eldest son's room until the day that he was married... slowly, things got cleared out, wall paper was removed, new paint adorned the walls and the "Little Room' was born.

The banner at the top of the Pure Grace page is a picture of the side-table beside the chaise lounge in the 'Little Room' and it's here where I place my mug each morning during my time of prayer and Bible reading. I chose this picture because of the interplay of shadows, of the darkness and light, against the wall.

This room is where I study and put together Bible Studies and write postings for the different Rooms of Pure Grace. It is also the place where my husband and I share the happenings of our day after he arrives home after work. It is where my children and grand baby will quite often find themselves gathering, sitting in the rocking chair, on the floor with pillows tucked behind backs or on the cushioned chaise lounge. It is a well used and well love 'Little Room'.

Everything in this room has meaning to me, the teacup given as an act of love by a woman that I took through a study in the book of John; my husband's little cream coloured Bible that he had as a child; my grandmother's pearls; summer lavender and pictures of dear friends; my children's great-grandmother's linen and a silk rose from my son's wedding; an original painting from Scotland depicting a Morning Walk along the beach of the Hebrides... everywhere my eye alights I see meaning and memories.

I took the 'Do Not Disturb'  request off the door, it was unnecessary.  To be disturbed in life is ....well, life!  The daily disturbance of our daily 'doings' just happens as we live within the circle of those that we have been placed in the midst of.  Spouses, children, friends, neighbours, circumstances, phone calls... disturbance and interruptions are just a part of living, and they come in all different shapes, sizes and forms.

However, to be disturbed within our souls is another matter entirely and goes so much deeper, it is the disturbance that breaks up the soul's inner quiet, making it uneasy or upset. The peace and contentment that I have with my God today has been deeply settled within my soul, yet, I have surely known times of intense disturbance of the soul and it was at those times that I found myself, like David crying out, "Why are you in despair, O my soul? And why are you disturbed within me? Hope in God, for I shall yet praise Him, the help of my countenance, and my God." Interestingly, it has many times been through the disturbance of my soul that my soul has found it's greatest rest and peace and contentment in God; the Lord surely is my Good Shepherd and I shall not want, He has made me to lie down in green pastures and has led me beside the quiet waters; He has restored my soul.

Much of my crying out to God has occurred in this 'Little Room', a room which no longer bears the request of 'Do Not Disturb', but instead a sign which is more fitting.

I'll tell you something though, it may just be the 'Little Room', but it has held within it, and brought forth from it, an abundance through and unto God!


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