Monday, February 27, 2012

Making Healthy Choices

I've been making my own Body Balm for years now and just finished making a new batch this morning.  As I placed it on my bathroom counter I thought about all the benefits that come with making healthy choices.

It's so important that we do everything that we can to decrease the toxic burden that is being placed daily upon our bodies.  I can be grateful now, (didn't think so at the time) that I was diagnosed with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) over 20 years ago.  It meant that in a very short period of time, our home was cleared of potential toxins, which of course benefited me, but also my husband and children as well.

It has been estimated that by the time most people have finished their morning ritual 600 toxins have been added to their bodies... and that's before we even open our mouths to eat our breakfast, put on our clothes (drier sheets are known carcinogens) or stepped outside for the onslaught that comes our way through air borne pollutants.

I don't normally expound on this topic too much, unless I am asked, because frankly, most people really don't want to think about it!  So, I promise I won't go into detail here, however, it is important to acknowledge that the world has changed immensely since our grandparents day and that the toxic burden being placed upon our bodies has enormous and far reaching, negative effects upon our state of health and well-being.  Have you been reading the labels on your packaged foods lately?

Whichever way toxins creep into our bodies, whether they come in through the skin or lungs or stomach, at some point in time they all have to pass through the liver before they are sent on their way to our kidneys and colon to be eliminated.  The problem is... our bodies are so overloaded that this natural process is now being strained to the point where toxins are now becoming stored in our fat cells, getting locked in our livers and other organs, tissues and muscles!

I understand that it may seem overwhelming to begin making changes, but the secret is in being mindful and to make small changes wherever you can.  Begin with your personal body care and then extend out into your home.  Propylene Glycol for instance is widely used in shampoos, toothpaste, deodorants, body lotions and cosmetics to keep the products moist and the consistency smooth.  This product is primarily used in manufacturing as anti-freeze, brake fluid, coolant, de-icer and solvent and is a known toxin which has been linked to cancer, respiratory problems, allergic reactions, arrhythmia, and hypotension.  Some will adhere to the "Low Dose" theory that a little won't do you any harm, however,  I tend to lean towards the "No Dose" theory in which I recognize that if I can avoid these elements... I will!

Now you understand why I enjoy my Homemade Body Balm so much!  It does my body good!


Friday, February 10, 2012

A Heart That is Full...

I've never really been big on the whole Valentine's Day thing.

When I was a young girl at school, we would make Valentine's for our classmates,
those that we had a special affection for.  
I liked the creative part of selecting the coloured paper and stretchy tissue, 
of cutting and pasting and thinking of who it would be going to.  

I also remember that we were to make a construction paper envelope, 
in the shape of a heart, 
and attach a string for a handle,
this would then be tacked to the wooden chalkboard rail,  
with our name emblazoned on the front.  
This was so that, through the week, others could fill these envelopes with their Valentines for you.
We all seemed to hold our collective breath as each day passed,
glancing at our hearts.
I don't remember ever not having a Valentines placed in mine, 
but inevitably there were those envelope hearts that were just bulging with Valentine's, 
and those that were conspicuously left vacant...
aside from the one that came from our teacher. 

Quantity always seemed to be the big prize that was valued,
as we emptied our hearts out upon our desks on the 14th of February.

As I grew older though,
I found that it was the boy that gave me one solitary red rose,
 quietly, with no other eyes watching, 
that won my heart, not the boy that produced the two dozen, 
brought to the table by the maitre de!

The boy that won my heart and I have grown up together through the years,
 our lives having beautifully intertwined into one. 
 He just has to look at me and I know I'm loved.
I just have to think of him... and I know that I am loved!
I don't need some lavish display, vacation or expensive gift,
when he takes my hand in his... 
well, my heart is full.

And there you have it, at this time in my life, through the hard and easy times,
I know the ones that truly love me... 
they show it in a thousand different ways, every day of the year. 
I don't have to hang out a construction paper heart and hope that it will be filled,
I already have a heart that is filled to the brim with the love that is given to me. 

And at this time in my life, I also know The One Who loves me... 
He shows it in a thousand different ways, every day of the year.
"... I have loved you with an everlasting love...:
Jeremiah 31:3

Yes, I am a woman who is well and truly loved...
a woman who knows that her cup, her heart, indeed "runneth over".

By the way,
Happy Valentine's Day!


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