Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's Just the Queerest Thing...

Huge double take on my part...
Gives a whole new meaning to the term "sheep dog"!

I always seem to come across these kinds of things in my day. 
I'm sure some people think that I am trying to pull the wool over their eyes (pun intended) but honestly, I just happen to stumble over the queerest things!

Anyway, this sheep sighting was thought provoking to me.
Some of my initial thoughts were...
I wonder if 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' is their favourite nursery rhyme?
How many sweaters can you get out of a sheep anyway?
When they piled into the car that morning did they say, "Ewe first"?

Anyway, the thought that stayed with me the longest was the thought of how queer it looked to see a sheep being driven... which led to the deeper thought of...
The Good Shepherd never drives His sheep,
He always leads them.

"...He leads me beside quiet waters..."
Psalm 23

In Genesis we see God leading Adam and Eve in the garden by His Presence and His Word, it was only when they stepped out from under the protection of His Word and hid from His Presence that they found themselves being driven from the garden.  Sin will cause us to be a driven people.

Yet, we do not always have to be driven.  In Exodus 13:21 we see the people being led of God.  He went before them, leading them on their way in a pillar of fire by night and in a pillar of cloud by day.  Of course, in order to be led, you must be willing to follow.  Let God go before you, set Him continually before you, let Him lead you by His Presence and His Word, knowing that as He is at your right hand you will not be shaken!  Or driven! 

Throughout Scripture we see that those that are driven, are those that have not fully entered into the sheepfold of the Good Shepherd... those that are driven are never at rest. 

Being led of God is such a peaceable thing.
As He leads us, the Voice of the Good Shepherd is calming and reassuring,
the sheep know His Voice and trust in His leading.
By His leading we are not in want,
by His leading we find rest and restoration.
In His leading there is no fear,
in His leading there is comfort and goodness and lovingkindness.
And His leading always leads us ... Home.

I still think it is the queerest thing,
to see a sheep being driven...



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