Monday, March 31, 2014

Climbing Walls...

One of my birthday gifts this year was to go and climb a wall.
I thought it was fitting that it was one of my children that gave this to me.

I have been wanting to do this for quite a long time now.
I invited my husband to come along and enjoy the thrill as well.

Here is the 'yin' to my 'yang'.
Thrilled he was not.

He was a trooper though.
And so we scaled the wall together.
Just as we have always done.

Some walls were harder than others.
Tiny footholds.
Large gaps of space.
But every small movement upwards,
carried with it the thrill of victory!

There will always be those moments in our lives,
when to heed the call to 'Come up Higher',
will require of us.
Body, Mind, Soul and Strength.

But the Joy of the climb outweighs it all!


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