Friday, July 2, 2010

There Is An Appointed Time...

Every year I like to do something that I have never done before, and last year it was to enter into the world of blogging, my first post being in March of 2009.  It was done completely by faith, believing that it was what I was to do at the time and that if I just rested and trusted in God, that He would use it for His good purposes.

My intention for this place has always been for it to somehow bless, encourage and inspire, and so last summer, as I was ready to embark on my own personal study through the Psalms, I thought I would put out the invitation to others, to welcome them to join with me in 'A Summer In The Psalms'.  I would post on a Monday the Psalm that was to be studied that particular week, and then we would gather together again, through my teaching post on Thursday and share with one another.  It took off like crazy.  Most of the girls were travelling throughout the summer, yet were able to find the time to study and drop in for their Gathering Time on Thursdays... Debbie's husband even purchased a lap-top for her so that she could plug in wherever they could find an internet connection on their bicycle travels throughout BC.  We all fell in love with Takako that Summer through Pure Grace and I believe with all my heart that my prayer for this place to be a blessing and encouragement to others was met.

As the months went on, a few new rooms were opened through Pure Grace - The Room to Grow, The Room to Read, The Little French Sewing Room, The Bible Study Room.  I have enjoyed so much sharing with you this past year from all of these rooms, however, over the past few months, as God has begun to open other doors to me, I have begun to sense that perhaps it is now Time to move on.  

The doors of Pure Grace will continue to remain open until July 15th, at which time it will then become a private site.

For those of you that dropped by for a visit and took the time to bless me with your words of encouragement and appreciation... I thank you.  For those of you that quietly came and quietly left... I bless you.

There is an appointed time for everything.
And there is a time for every purpose under heaven -
                                                             Ecclesiastes 3:1 


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